Entropic Theory

Entropic Theory


Tropical Fruit / Dank / Smooth

From Chaos Emerges Order. From Fermentation Emerges Beer. This IPA hits you with huge aromas of orange, peach, and apricot as soon as you open the can. The nose is followed by a smooth bitterness and soft mouthfeel as it delivers tropical fruit flavors.

In Physics, entropic theories generally refer to forces that emerge from ever-increasing entropy. Jargon aside, Entropic Theory (the beer) refers to a unique feature of all these entropic forces – they are chaotic and unpredictable at infinitesimally tiny distances, yet develop ordered patterns over large distances. This emergence of order from chaos can also be seen in the fermentation process, which involves the chaotically complex conversion of wort to beer by yeast.

Seasonal: 6-packs and draft
70 7.5
Cascade, Chinook, Amarillo
2-Row, Oat Flakes, Red Wheat, Caramel 30L
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